Corobo's Corner

Stuff I like to do:


Gaming has been one of my oldest hobbies. From an extremely young age, I've been able to read and write, so picking up new games was always a blast for me. I would normally play games on the Wii or on the DS/3DS, though I have played on other consoles as a child. I'll never regret the fond memories I made gaming as a kid with my friends.

My fondest memories are of playing games like Mario Kart, Little King's Story, Pokémon White, Super Mario World, and the classic Mario/Sonic games, though there are more examples.

My favourite game changes depending on my mood, but as I'm writing this, it would have to be either Terraria or Pikmin. They're both just so enticing, exciting, interesting games.


A way to export all of my creativity, I've been coding ever since I was very little. I had first learned simple languages like HTML and Scratch, but have in recent years moved onto more complex languages, such as C#, Java, JavaScript, Assembly, and Lua.

Currently, I act as an indie game developer. I develop PC and mobile games, and mod video games. In the past, I've modded video games such as Minecraft, Paper Mario 64, and Friday Night Funkin, but currently, I'm modding Terraria alongside being a game developer.


The language of all answers! I've always had a fascination with math, though I've never really been able to pinpoint exactly why. I have an extreme fascination in Complex Analysis, though other fields such as Set Theory and Topology also seem cool (though I can barely understand them).

Currently, I'm studying Complex Analysis, though I'm hoping to get around to studying Combinatorics and some more complex Calculus.

My favourite number is i. It's just such an interesting number, and the start of so many great formulas.

Current projects:


Awakening is a Terraria mod based on several games such as Breath of the Wild, granting you access to special powers you use to explore special dungeons created by the divine.

Explore the world of Terraria, though note that your every presence is being watched; observed; studied. Prepare for the consequences of the actions you take.

Not sure when it'll be released, as it's still in its early stages, but I'm pretty excited about it so far! It's a nice and fun project.


[Heavy, heavy WIP title] -- This is a game I've started working on where you spawn in a procedurally generated world (random world), break your environment to get materials, and go on your way to solve quests by the locals! Probably not gonna be a super intensive game; it'll probably just be a more lighthearted game with some optional bosses.

Until I get someone to do 3D models, this one might have a bit of delay; Otherwise, if I can't find anyone, I'll just replace all of the NPCs with robots, because I hopefully have enough skill to draw a rectangle.

Saturday Saiyan Showdown

Saturday Saiyan Showdown is a Friday Night Funkin' mod that has been out for nearly a year now. BF fights Vegeta (and maybe some others?) in a funny rap battle! Think you can take him on?

Currently, we're working on a full v1.0 release, though the team's business has gotten in the way of any substantial progress, so consider this a work-in-progress.

(Will update when we get closer to a full release.)


You thought I would tell you all of my secrets?

You're just gonna have to wait and see what I'm brewing! I have a lot on the back-burner, but I'll get around to it eventually.

So don't gaze away too long, you might miss a gem!

But if you insist on knowing something, come check out my devlog! I'll try to post any major updates to the things I'm working on there.